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XS | Throw: 8 lbs, 40” x 50” (ideal for children and adults who weigh less than 120 lbs.)

Small: 12 lbs, 44” x 60” (ideal for adults who weigh 120-160 lbs.)

Medium: 16 lbs, 48” x 72” (ideal for adults who weigh 160-200 lbs.)

Large: 22 lbs, 60” x 80” (ideal for adults who weigh 200+ lbs., as a blanket for two, or as a bed blanket on Queen beds or larger)

(Note: The blanket will not drape over the sides of your bed, as that could make the blanket feel uncomfortably heavy.)

- Kids? It depends on the age and weight of your child. Generally we recommend our Kids size for children under 10, where older kids / teens may enjoy our Small / Medium sizes depending on their weight

- Two people? Choose a Large if you're planning to share, or get one for each of you!

- My lap? Our Kids size (40” x 50”) is perfect if you just want a blanket for your legs or lap

- My couch? Our Small (44” x 60”), and Medium (48” x 72”) size blankets are both close to standard throw blanket sizes, but you could go up to a Large (60” x 80”) if you want more room to cuddle.

- A weighted blanket newbie? Weighted blankets generally should be 10-15% of your body weight. If you're new to weighted blankets and not sure if the 'hugging' feeling is for you, we recommend trying a smaller size first.

Unlike regular blankets, weighted blankets are designed not to drape over the sides of your bed. If weighted blankets did drape, they would apply significantly more pressure and may feel uncomfortable.

The outer shell is breathable jersey polyester (like your favorite T-shirt, but softer!), and the inner filling is recycled polyester fluff. The recyling process for plastic bottles basically creates a fabric 'fluff' which is then used to fill our blankets. We firmly believe that recycled polyester is more sustainable than cotton due to the lower water usage and use of upcycled materials

The Nuzzie Knit is a fantastic option for hot sleepers or for anyone who finds themselves sweating under traditional weighted blankets that trap body heat. Nuzzie's open-knit design allows for superior breathability.

Yes! We have an evergreen coupon called COZYDOUBLE, that allows for savings when you buy 2 or more blankets - the perfect way to give comfort to yourself and a friend!

We try our best to not have out of stocks, but if we do please sign up for back in stock emails and we will notify you as soon as your preferred item is back in stock

Our Charcoal color is a dark grey with blue undertones - most of our customers notice the bluish tone when in bright sunlight and otherwise experience the color as dark grey.

Shipping & Delivery

Orders generally ship same or next business day from the date your order, and take 3-5 business days to arrive in the US and Canada and 3-10 business days in the UK. Please note business days are Monday - Friday excluding US federal holidays.

Yes! As of June 2023 Nuzzie has free standard ground shipping in the US, UK, and Canada.

We use a variety of courier services depending on your preferred address - you'll receive an email confirmation with tracking information.

We understand that plans can change. You can cancel your order within 30 minutes of placing it by contacting us via email or our chat function. After 30 minutes, please know that our orders typically process and ship quickly, so cancellation may not be possible. However, if you have a specific reason for needing to cancel, please reach out to us, and we'll do our best to help.

We'll do our best to help! If you contact us within 24 hours of placing your order, we may be able to modify the size or color for you. Just send us an email or chat message through our website. If modifying your order isn't possible, we can help you with other options like placing a new order or returning the unwanted item for a refund.

We list some of our products on Amazon, and sometimes the fastest way to ship you your order is from an Amazon warehouse.

Use and Care

Pilling is a natural process that occurs with all fabrics over time and is not a sign of poor quality. Pilling occurs at the microscopic ends of the fibers that make up your blanket, where the ends of one fiber can rub together and get tangled with the ends of another fiber over time, create a little bump or 'pill'. Durable fabrics like denim, cotton, and polyester will hold up well over time, but will still experience occasional pilling. The best way to remove pills is using a pill shaver, pill comb, sweater stone - start with the lightest grit possible and increase as needed. Regular machine washing and tumble drying can increase the pilling process due to the friction caused during washing, so wherever possible we recommend spot-cleaning. However, pilling will eventually disappear over time as all the excess fiber ends are removed / fall off over the course of use.

Because the friction of your washing machine can cause pilling, we recommend spot cleaning if pilling is bothersome to you. Nuzzie's blankets can also be dry-cleaned if that is preferred.

Unlike blankets filled with beads or plastic, Nuzzie's weighted blankets can be machine washed on a delicate cycle and tumble dried if necessary (they can also be laid flat to dry on top of a towel).

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