Get to know Nuzzie

And see how our blankets can help!

Supports Sleep

Scientifically proven to support deeper, more restful sleep

Hugging Sensation

Boosts serotonin – the “feel good” hormone

Balanced Weight
No shifting fillers or beads

Breathable Design
Open-knit style keeps you cozy in any climate

Sustainably made

Fill fabric made from recycled plastic bottles

With Nuzzie, Cozy Has No Off-Season

Nuzzie's innovative open-knit design is perfect for hot sleepers and any climate.

Us vs. Them

  • Breathable knit design 
  • Sustainable materials 
  • Consistent weight – no beads 
  • Stylish aesthetic 
  • “Smothering” feeling 
  • Unsustainable construction 
  • Shifting, bunching weight 
  • Clashes with your space 

Our Commitment to the Environment

Made with 100% recycled filling, each Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket removes 500 plastic bottles from landfills. 

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